• tikku2707 40w

    Dey never knew...

    He grabbed her towards him
    He touched her lips
    He let his lips on hers
    She didnt reciprocated
    He didnt kissed
    But they were in d depth
    Of something..
    Dey never accepted
    He kissed her nose
    She knew
    He thought she dnt
    Dey pretended
    Dey were in d depth
    Of something
    Dey never accepted
    He let her sleep
    On his arms
    She slept
    He comforted
    She felt the warmth
    Dey were happy
    Dey were complete
    Dey were lost
    In something
    Dey nvr accpted
    She waited
    He didnt
    She thought she shud
    He said d bitter ones
    She dropped
    He waited
    She let it go
    Dey were in d depth
    Of something
    Dey never wanted to know
    The world said
    They laughed
    He named dem rumors
    She supported
    Every1 was knowing
    Dey ignored
    She was wanting him to accept
    He pretended dey dont
    Dey were in the depth
    Of something...
    Dey never accepted
    Dey were best frns
    He tried
    She waited
    He paused
    She waited
    He was having some1
    She wanted her to be his
    She never wanted to leave
    She wasn't left with any option
    She left
    He cried
    She cared
    He realised
    Dey end up
    Dey screwed
    If u wnna chng
    Then chnge d end
    Its uh....
    Dey were in d depth
    Of something
    Dey nvr knew...