• troubadour 6w

    Poisonous Perilous Presence
    Aug. 28th, 2008

    My fatherless fangs drip with bastard saliva.
    My wedlock wings are featherless and black from blasphemy.
    With them I glide and fly,
    through my cities starless night sky.
    To watch the broken streets like pothole snakes,
    twist and writhe around the bluffs in utter agony.

    My knuckles are a nuisance,
    swollen and well used.
    My hands are hideous hellfire,
    blistered and bruised.
    With them I pound the polluted Earth in my utter despair and,
    rip out innumerable amounts of my dirty dishwater blonde hair and,
    I will keep ripping until there us nothing left to be ashamed of.

    I am forlorn and falling,
    from grace I'm descending.
    Plummeting down to Earth,
    a confused killer comet.
    Depressed and destructive,
    I come crazily.
    My poisonous perilous presence
    will cleanse.

    My thoughts are all angry, angsty, and anarchistic.
    My hedonistic head is filled with fuming forlorn fallacies.
    I breathe bayonets and blush if told i'm brilliant.
    My hot and never healing hands are starving for inhumane human humiliation.
    My conception was the result of a brutal drunken rape,
    my life contradicts it's own existence.