• black_wolf 10w


    Love what's wrong with you.
    I gave you everything and in return I get nothing for it,
    You need comfort? My arms are open!
    Love you want to cuddles? I'm laying in perfect position!
    You're on a mission? I'm geared up and ready for friction!
    You went to War? But I leave with open wounds bandaging myself.
    Love you can't reach the Peak? I'm boosting you until you hit what you seek!
    Im paiving the road so you can drive safely as you strive forward, I kept my balance so you can enjoy the view from atop,
    Now the base beneath my feet is fragile!
    I stood there holding you, even though I was losing my footing,
    Im collapsing but I'll make sure you have a soft landing.
    Now im paralyzed but I'm still here to help just incase you need it.
    You gained the world and I gained nothing.
    Love I can't Trust you but I Love You