• ajungwalls 30w


    An angel sent to us.
    You truly are a gift from God.
    You're really the best friend I've ever had,
    Who warms my heart by just a smile.
    You love me every single day,
    Who takes the toughest tasks.
    You care for me in every possible ways,
    Who makes sacrifices for me.
    You don't have to say a word because,
    Your love was the message that I heard.
    You have a heart of gold,
    Who is one in a million.
    You are the best mother who will be loved forever.
    You will be cherished.
    Once a year,this day comes around.
    A mother like you is the reason why
    We celebrate Mothers Day.
    When all moms in the world get praised and crowned,
    All the best is being wished for you,
    Not only on Mothers day but all year through.
    I love you mommy.