• ayushchauhan_ 10w

    The Two Sisters

    Sochoo was a very good, gentle and helpful person . He was very good in his academics and always scored one of the best marks in his class. When he was 16 years old he started liking a girl of his class named Poocho and spend a lot of time with her.

    He always wanted to share his feelings for her but always failed to convince. Days passed, months passed but he never revealed his feelings towards her and after three year a time came when the girl’s father transferred to other place due to which she also had to go with his father to that another city. At this time Sochoo felt very dejected and cursed himself for not sharing his feelings towards her. Now Poocho was gone away from his reach…..

    At this time Sochoo came to know that his feelings for her were not only of likeness but love. After one year of this incident one of his friends told him that he recently met Poocho and in an inter college fest and was able to talk to her and know her address.

    As his friend also knew about Sochoo’s feelings towards Poocho he insisted him to propose her. He said “ this is the golden chance Sochoo, you can propose her and most probably she will reply in positive as I saw the indifferent feelings of love in her eyes as I mentioned your name in the college fest in front of her”. Sochoo was encouraged after hearing this and told his friend to organise a meeting of Poocho with him.

    After one week finally the day came when Sochoo met Poocho. In starting he just conversed in a general manner and after sometime he gathered all the mysterious energies from far the far end of the milkyway galaxy and said “I Love You”…………...

    A sudden silence was there for a long time and then the meeting ended. Poocho didn’t replied anything at the time but after a day he messaged Sochoo through her friend that she is already in a relationship with a guy named Ghonchoo.
    Ghonchoo , as the name suggests was not even the pin point of the personality of Sochoo. He couldn’t stand even for seconds in front of Sochoo in any of the competitions.
    But in reality Ghonchoo took all the winning just because he had one more gf already, guess who? Yes.. Karni. He would have convinced his feelings for Poocho on some unknown day and thus he was the winner.
    And for Sochoo only Kathni was the all time companion and thus he lost.

    You see even if you have the best knowledge, best technique, best guidance, best environment, best teachers, you will never be able to succeed if you do not implement them in life. Once the greatest of all said “ Dreams are not which we see in sleep , dreams are those which stop you from sleeping”, and thus dump Karni and make karni as your new GF.

    Karni is the girl that will make you swim out of the longest swimming channel of life. On the other hand Kathni will always make you trapped inside an imaginative world and you will keep procrastinating every task of your life. And if you wisely use both the Kathni and Karni ( that is do what you think ,plan ) in your life then Bingo!!!!!! Your are on the perfect track.