• anshikajverma 6w

    "Beautiful is the art that makes your heart feel different from how you usually feel!"
    These words act so much when you begin admiring for real.
    Yesterday, I bumped into a friend's photograph with her sisters. I wasn't in a mood to jingle.. it was so boiling grumpy in my head. But the sight of them ceased the hellfire. I suddenly felt an urge of staying for a while in that time and take the privilege of dropping a piece of my heart in a conversation with her. I told her plainly, " Your sister is so beautiful, all your sisters are so beautiful.. I feel shy telling you this, but you four are beautiful beyond words.." And it's obviously awkward to have an unexpected compliment, so was there in her reply ," no we are not, we are just fine but not beautiful!"
    For a moment I felt so anxious about it. Why won't she agree, I'm not lying at all, I so feel my words and none of them meant to flatter her with an ulterior motive... I was honest.
    And then after a couple of stressful thinking I concluded to blame it all on the set standards of beauty, which I disapprove, whether for me or for anybody else.
    I have always been vocal to people about how breathtakingly beautiful I find them sometimes. I have no shame of man and woman, I have no hesitation in being a little romantic to a beautiful stranger as well. Because may be I'm not a fan of what that person does, but a sight of what my eyes caught of them. It's not the colour of their skin, brightness of their eyes or shape...not even the hair or stature or what they wear.. it's something very personal, it's something very calming and elating at the same time that makes me speak the words -" you are so beautiful!"
    And may be it's not the beauty that'd be approved by all, may be it's just my opinion about the time when I see them, but that feeling is beautiful and letting them know that is the happiest feeling. Let's rethink while claiming what's beautiful and what's not. Let's be honest that sometimes even a cobweb is a piece of art( with no comparison with any creature at all).


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