• fearsotherside 10w

    Solar Plexus, "I Do" & $$$

    My Solar Plexus has been over active today. It's the "I do" Chakra. I had an insightful revelation of it being the door or even the door man. The lower two chakras, the root & sacrel, representing the ego. "I am" & "I feel". Yes we all need a bit of ego, but much of the ego has false beliefs, of self, of feelings meanings. To reach our heart space is to get past the door man. An ego death begins with healthy gut brain, emotional awareness, clarity, knowing of true self. Feeling safe, secure, having strong foundations of emotion & sense of self. Confidence & balance of the feminine & masculine.

    When this occurs our energy rises to the solar plexus to knock on the door of our heart, asking for alignment asking for us to finally integrate all we learnt from ages 0-14y.o. The door man always seems to know if you still have any masks to remove. If any parts of you still need removing, rewiring, to be worked through. Solar Plexus is where we store our "chi", its where our fire is, working with our heart & lower chakras it turns from anger into passion.

    Solar plexus first activates from ages 15-21y.o. This is when we first begin to find our fire, we begin putting into action what we feel is who we are. Who did you want to be at this time? Who were you? What did you picture life to be?

    Meeting up with people a couple times, old friends, I am reminded of the old way. I am baffling to them & them to me. They still value their self worth on where they work, their job title & how much they earn. I have lived with nothing at a time. I am so grateful for a roof over my head & food on my table. I couldn't do something for money that wasn't fulfilling ever again. I wonder if it is ego of me. I would rather work for free & from my heart then for the biggest pay cheque. I really can't judge or compare with a person on their title or monetary net value. I have always thought like this, I think now I understand why it grinds my gears a little, almost as if they're undervaluing me to think I care. So upside-down & inside out.

    I do want to move into some form of work soon, and wonder if I should be thinking more like them, it is important to be proud of achievements for sure. They look at me like I'm crazy, I see money as useful, but not valuable. We need it for the things we need & deserve, yet we dont need the money we need the things it buys.

    When creating in the minds eye, this is asking the universe, or programming your subconcious or pure magic. I focus on the final destination, not the how, part of the how is money. Trusting I will always be ok has me trust the how will always come along as I need it...to get to the next destination. I focus on the emotions I want to feel everyday, the people I hope to help, not how much money I want in the bank. Should I value money more? Is this what's stopping me from moving to the next level? This is a dangerous question, it is questioning my theory, which so far, has been working.

    I truely believe I've had more than expected come up & so I am ready to start my new venture & yet my body says "not uet" & my body knows me best. I am getting impatient because a part of me wants to prove myself, that is my ego. All in good time.