• shadowpoet 5w

    A prayer for the night walkers

    The night is dark and full of terrors
    Infusing fear into the heart of the helpless.
    Though, the absence of light isn't an error
    'Cause it's the season dedicated for rest,
    By the creator of the universe
    Who wishes it was abused less.

    The less privileged seek a good shelter
    The hungry lad never seems to feel any better.
    But if I may ask Lord what is the matter?
    Your so befitting time for rest
    Is now a tool to militate evil the best
    Can we ever be free from the night walkers
    The cold blooded ones perpetrating evil in every dark quarters

    Broken homes, broken hymen, broken hearts and broken legs
    And what more shall we hear of in this broken world
    Firstborns of the devil, inventors of destruction, detractors of peace and followers of everything sinister
    Yet they walk as freeborn at the time of the night's sister
    Men of the night's watch! You've failed us in your duties.
    And have found solace in the bosom of whores.

    So, here's my prayer for the night walkers.
    May their joy turn to ashes in their mouth
    And their happiness melt like wax on a candle's bushel
    Their hopes crumble as the great wall of Jericho
    And if they ever find love, may it tell them no.
    But, who am I to speak these things
    Perhaps, the good Lord might deem mercy fit.