• kunnu_ 22w

    She's just too perfect!

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    It all began with an explosion, or so I believed.

    When the fire balls nicknamed as stars are scattered all over this ever expanding universe, a blue sphere was to revolve around this tiny star called, The Sun.

    From Sun, comes life. The green grew on the land and the fish swam in seas. The unicell was long evolved, finally making the first human to walk on the face of the earth. People moved, coloring their skin and weaving future. So much to happen to be just a coincidence.

    The day I met her, I felt that every atom in this universe and every person existed were born just to bring us together... So I can praise her whitey teeth and tell myself how perfectly tall she is.

    Lorenz called it, "The Butterfly Effect." & I call it, Fate. The magic isn't in the air that didn't let rain come closer or the cold wind that was put to stop right before she took the seat across me. It is in the heartbeat that rose everytime I looked into her green beautiful marbles and the nervous weird questions I asked. God, I LOVE her!!!

    After all these days, the magic hasn't leaked off the cracks. My heart rose from the dead when I saw my once precious girl and her mesmerizing eyes. My heart was blissfully happy that she's turning her dream into a reality.
    Her tiny blue won't be just a dream anymore.. Oddly, I was okay with not being a part of it. As I read her pearly words, that sneaky solo tear escapes off my once loved eyes to itch my nose, just to remind me not to stare too much.

    Love sure is magical!!!