• unearthly_fool 6w

    Echoes In A Dark Room

    Doomed are the bonds
    Orchestrated in malice
    Maddening noises turn to cries
    Enmity turns into strikes
    Screams of torture and pain
    Treacherous deeds remain hidden
    In the murky facade of society
    Cause the shame hits harder than propriety.

    Virtues and morals are all for the curated show
    If the world turns blind to the whims of violating blows
    Oath to protect was fake like that preached fate
    Love and family never aligned on the same plate
    Earnest followers of the path laid down by ancestors
    Narcissism becomes their true navigating factor
    Childhoods and powerless souls ruined forever
    Endless agony consumes as justice is never delivered.