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    So i've been chugging along at my Spanish 3 class. Two weeks or so in and i'm still so incredibly grateful to be learning the language, it's a beautiful language. That's kinda what inspired this little idea. Hope you like it.
    This is my first time writing in two languages in a poem lol so if there's something you think i can do to make it clearer what they mean, or if you need clarification please let me know. :) Thank you!

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    Yo no se las palabras (I don't know the words)

    Learning a new language has a way of simplifying the world,
    Condensing it’s beauty into a few dozen words,
    Straying accents littering the page.

    The moon in all of its midnight glory simply becomes la luna.
    The sun, el sol.
    I don’t yet know the words to describe the heat that radiates atop my skin,
    Or the feeling of being bathed in a glow that can only seem to come from divinity itself.

    Love even fails to escape its simplicity, two syllables condensed into one heartbeat, amor.