• _kitty_ 4w

    I was abandoned by,
    Let alone those strangers, even my loved ones,
    My parents, my siblings, those whom i once knew....

    They don't like me anymore,
    Don’t love me anymore like before..
    Even don't respect me at all,
    I am clearly abandoned by them.

    They are no longer whom I once knew,
    Now the feelings they gave me like strangers....

    They ridiculed me,abused me,insult me,
    Like it was my fault,
    Even they cursed me,why don’t i die!

    Once they cherished me like a treasure,
    Now i am just a shameless bitch in their eyes!!
    But they pretend to be righteous people in the society.

    They say i was no longer pure,
    I am a bitch, who should die long ago,

    But was it my fault?
    Am i the one who asked to be rapped by those monsters??
    Clearly that was their fault.

    But I am the one who was abandoned,,
    Am i really lost the rights to live on my wish?
    Am i not allowed to hope for the light which has gone?

    Now i am the lost soul..into the abysses of the darkness.
    I am no longer deserve these dreams which once i saw,

    Being abandoned by them, it was like...
    Thousands swords cut my heart into thousands pieces...
    I was no longer the one whom i once to be....

    I want to be loved by them,
    Cherished like before,wanna fulfil my dreams,
    But those nothingness of darkness...
    Cannot let me hope these again....

    Clearly the so called society protest,curse this heinous crime...
    Lots of status against the rape on various social meadia...
    Still why can't they accept me like before!!!
    Why they have to see me differently!!
    Why they have to be like this!!!
    Why am i abandoned!!!!

    I am really abandoned by this so called righteous society....


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    Being abandoned