• rude_ab 5w

    Stop overthinking
    You're gonna lose yourself
    If you keep letting them get to you
    Baby let me be there for you
    I could teach you a thing or 2
    See I've been thru a lot of shit
    Still I remain with my head up
    You gotta stay focused
    get your bread up
    I know that it's hard
    When theres so much shit going on
    But if I can get up so can you
    We'll make it through
    Please let me be there for you
    That's all I wanna do
    Other than love you too
    I know it's hard when many have broken your heart
    As a matter of fact call me
    You dont have to hurt any longer
    The thought of losing you breaks my head
    What would I do without you?
    I Dont even want to think about it
    See if I lost you
    I'd lose myself
    In this world theres not many of you
    I might be exaggerating but the love I have for you I cant explain it
    That shit is driving me crazy
    Baby I love you theres no other way for me to say this
    And I been holding it in for so long
    So I dedicate this to you
    Hoping that you love me too
    No matter what I'll always be here for you
    I wanna hear all your problems
    So that together we can solve them