• empress_mc 6w

    MOTD 11/09/19

    Yesterday I complimented someone who once caused me so much pain, I questioned who I was as a person. You see my dear, life isn't fair all the time, but you have to be persistent with healing those wounds. Just because they did you wrong, doesn't mean that is who you are. I've learned one of the most effective ways to heal from toxicity is to forgive. The person, situation and most importantly yourself. It doesn't mean that what they did is okay and you're fine with it. What it means, is that you acknowledge what has happened and refuse to let your past hold you hostage. By forgiving them, yourself and the situation, you free yourself and will eventually understand that all hardships shape our character and is an oppertunity to build strength, learn and grow. Be consistent and heal those wounds, the payoff is always worth the trip.

    Affirmation: I appreciate my sorrows just as I do the blessings because my sorrows have always shown me an area within myself that needs to heal and helps me to evolve into the person I am destined to be. I forgive all that has caused me pain, including myself and continue to live my aunthetic truth with the understanding and knowledge that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only love can do that. So with that being said, I am not my past nor do I live there. I go in persuit of my own happiness, consistently overflowing an out poor of love, peace and abundance.