• craigswilson 23w

    Love, Is Out There Somewhere

    I sometimes get the messages that Women are the most vulnerable when it comes to love in regards to relationships; but if you look out on the waters of life you will find there are as many men left on sinking ships!
    I carefully built up my Walls, all around with one way in and one way out;
    assuring all my thoughts of the necessity for these measures round about.
    I've seen the Enemy coming from afar, I sound the alarm; I fired my cannibal to keep me safe from harm.
    I repeat this process as often as I may deem necessary to keep my heart safe and secure; only to find that I've done all these things out of fear.
    Then suddenly here comes the Enemy again, and I command the drawbridge to be lowered all at once; and I willingly command the whole thing to be thrown down in surrender only to be left looking and feeling like a dunce.
    How, or why I've yet to be able to explain; I guess I really don't like the walls and the bridges and so I come out to suffer the pain!
    I tell myself that it is right, and all is well; I reach out to heaven, only to embrace the flames of hell!
    I study myself to try and ascertain; am I the reason for this pain? It seems like I was in someones Circus, where every act was done on purpose. I guess I was in the wrong place and at the wrong time; I allowed the pretty colors to clowd my mind. Before I knew it I was surrounded by her Garrison; how did I allow this to happen to me again this is imbarrising.