• jonesstyles 6w

    Chocolate sauce

    Chocolate sauce, its all over my bed. I probably have some all up in my head. Last night, it was crazy, never came to an end. Keeps replaying again and again in my head.
    It started off basic, real simple and sweet. He took off my shoes and was rubbing my feet. I can not explain it, but I get real wet. I start moaning and groaning, I kiss up his neck. When I get to his lips they're parted just a little bit. I lick around with my tongue and then in goes the tip.
    Our tastes mingle, I'm eager, inpatient and need some more. Open his belt, his pants hit the floor. Can't wait till I get to explore, his most southern region I'm so ready to please him, but he craves a little show.
    Got that Hershey's milk chocolate, so easy to drizzle. Pour it all over his chest and way down to his center.
    My mouth starts to water, I bend down and slurp him up. Lick his head and his length and I dare not forget his nuts. This sweet chocolate sauce is really hitting the spot.
    He turns me around, with my ass in his face, we end up being in 69. Its my favorite position, he gets his while I'm getting mine. We both sucking and licking, its a draw on who comes first.
    He shoots down my throat and I squirt on his face, should have put down a towel in the beginning. We both satisfied, we both came out the victor.
    As I replay these scenes over and over in my head. I can't help but look around at the sights all over my bed.
    How did this happen, he was just rubbing on my feet. The only question left is who is gonna get all these chocolate stains out these sheets.