• lighght 6w

    Six fucking days

    3rd fucking June

    And the very day I don't want to remember the date of anymore;

    What good would there be, if you become a devil in disguise
    Wash your face, look at your palms,
    Look with curiosity
    And fall down with your already -dead anatomy.

    Pardoned faces still are scary
    Heart wrenching stories which
    Nobody wants to hear anymore;
    Bittersweet symphony only became bitter
    I have no idea about myself
    I have no idea about myself
    But my wrath, did prevail.

    Through all of the journeys of fooling around,
    Wrath still prevails in its all force.

    Six fucking days

    Six fucking days

    There is a paintbrush waiting to touch the palette

    And yet as I accepted the cobwebs on my eyes, I let my hands touch the art in Braille and watched as it murmured a sense of dystopia in everything.

    //Burst into pieces and still walk walk walk//


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