• utsav_r 33w

    To the girl sitting next to me

    I wish I could wipe your tears, hold your hand, kiss your forehead, once again and say that "everything will be fine, I am here for you".

    I wish we could go to that secret place where we used to sit together for hours and hours.
    I always dreamt of building that tree house, far from all the crowds in between nature, and waking up every morning with you lying on my chest, and bird chirping outside the window.

    but I just wanted to let you know that I never thought of letting you go away, you are the best thing that ever happened to me in my life.
    so wipe your tears now, as my hands are not able to move,
    I tried to say to you that how much you meant to me, but my jaws..I am not able to feel them...
    I tried to hug you one last time.. but my arms..they don't have left any bones to make a move....
    but hey..wait..
    there is something..in my left pocket...
    I want you to take that box out and open it..in front of my corpse.... and hold it...for a second.. imagine....me...still sitting on my knee.. asking you the most practised line of my life.. "will you be my wife!?" and wear that ring in your finger slowly.. and keep it..forever and ever..

    I can feel..that special surprising look from here..

    I owe you a big apology for not being there.. but so does that drunk truck driver... he could have blown that horn and... i.... i could have stopped myself right there... before the turning..on that highway....