• _noxious_ 9w


    I'm a joker
    Laughing hard in the bright sky,
    Doing what they want without stepping back givin a try.
    Well I'm alone sucking up in the dark
    For everyone finds it good when they see me cry.

    I'm a trash
    Stagged into pieces in a junkyard,
    Wish I could have a freefall once
    Like the way I dreamt in my nightmares.
    Regret for the times I didnot look my back,
    As I never knew it aches so much.

    I'm a mirror
    Scattered all around the floor,
    Walking steadily in its broken pieces
    Bleeding red over my feet.
    I feel strange whether it hurts?

    There are numbers that speaks louder than words.
    I'm a grave
    Curling things too deep,
    Failing to myself , being mocked from the mountain tip.
    Life is flying by and it does hits
    Afterall the illusions of lost happiness are the ones that keeps me awake.