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    Once in a bluemoon, you discover such marvelous creations, the ones that makes you think about your life before and after them. LOTR was one such discovery. The one which began with the fellowship of the ring, its formation and all the adversities they had to endure till its completion.
    The tiniest of the creatures that dwelled on the middle earth, the hobbits, and how they made their way out from the comfort of their home - The Shire, to perish the mighty wicked spirit- Sauron.
    Frodo Baggins, the ringbearer, and Samwise Gamgee his loyal mate, the one who wouldn't bother to share the burden, the curse of the ring, risking his own life, for the sake of his friend, Mr. Frodo. There is never a Frodo without Sam, as well as never his victory sans Gollum.
    Ah! Gollum aka Smeagol, the filthy, deceitful creature, plotting evil, yet you pity him for his fate which was written the day he touched 'the precious' or rather possesed by it.
    For Frodo it was always more of an internal struggle, and the nasty scars that would torture him a lifetime rather than the external battles he had faced and the dreaded paths he had trodden. His baffled blue eyes, were at times blinded by 'the evil burden' ; yet he could make it upto the great mount doom for, its destruction.
    Its also the tale of Aragorn- a man whose eyes speak volumes, which is never complete without Arwen, their love, eternal. And that of Gimli the dwarf and Legolas the elf, how they fought side by side with all their might.
    And Gandalf the Grey reborn as Gandalf the white, the epitome of hope in times of abysmal darkness.
    Ah! Pippins the dimwit yet the keeper, and Merry the brave, and their loyalty to the cause.
    The fellowship is incomplete without Boromir, a loyal son who lost his life for the greed of his mad father, and his victory through the hands ofAragorn the son of Arathorn- the king of Gondor and his little brother Faramir.
    So for me this was not a mere film but an emotion, to figure out victory through endurance even in the deadliest of all places.
    LOTR and its creators, JRR TOLKIEN and Peter Jackson i am forever indebted to you for this journey and the visual feast!
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