• tranquility_07 4w

    One day I'll write a poetry,
    bidding an adieu to you.
    The last one, with your
    name in my heart and mind.
    I'll never ink a word about you,
    ever in my remaining lifetime.
    You'll not occupy the spaces
    in the empty parts of my head.
    My sunset will not be a slumber
    of pain and tears of your name.
    My eyes, will never shed a tear
    craving for your smile to see and
    my ears to hear the voice of your's.
    I'll loose your name in a crowd of many.
    You'll be a portrait in the pages of past.
    A smiling face, I lost on the way.
    The story will be written just below it
    and I'll probably smile and let the tears fall
    as I once called it my home, the one I lost.
    I'll again read the story from starting to end
    for it still would hold the title of the epic story
    of my life.
    Slowly, I'll see the you in me dying a little everyday and one day the time will arrive when it will be no more alive then I'll carry it to the graveyard to bury it deep in.
    I'll leave a bouquet of flowers for the good days and words of thankfulness.
    Then, I'll leave peacefully and I'll never return back.