• littleprincess1 5w

    "The stars"

    "the stars"
    the stars sparkles in the sky,
    with it twinkle sparkles light,
    in this lovely night of love.
    dreaming of someone,
    in dreamland. where
    throught and feelings exist,
    inside secret Palace of love.
    where happiness and joy
    is set .with the alarm clock
    of laughter that spread
    all around our worlds.

    "when fate call us to be together "
    when love call us to be together
    when time tell us to be together
    nobody can stop us to live forever
    even the earth celebrate
    our success,

    through all the hardship
    struggles all the way in journey of life,
    your love is like medicine in my heart ,
    it enters my vains slowly,
    and now the hearts are connected
    with each other.,
    love has cast it spell on us.
    this magic is soo strong
    "is it a blessing or course?"
    "is it true or illusion? "

    tik tok Tik tok
    the reality heat me up.
    I am only dreaming
    and my imagination went far
    this little angle yearn for love
    cry for love and want love
    all alone with my small lonely heart
    that have been broken in to pieces
    over and over again.