• ___ankita___ 10w

    Maybe I'm not best at being loved but I'm best at loving
    At the beginning.. It'll hurt. The kind of hurt that will kill your sleep,your eyes with non stop tears and visuals of past, your heart into millions of pieces.. And will shattered u only in one question.. One thought ...WHY?...
    But there's a end too.. It actually requires time a lot of time.. Over n over.. Again and again... But finally one fine day u realize.. That behind all this shit u ignored ur own happiness. And trust me after realizing this u r ready to move on...
    Hmm.. And if u do really love that person.. U'll want them to be happy. Even that means that they are happy without you, u will respect that n let them go. Coz u want them to be HAPPY
    Hurt does not go over night but after a while it will. And then you are stuck with a thought of not being able to love or failing at love and failing at everything single things that life sucks without them.. But trust me that's a purest kind of shit u can have. And that's a TOTAL CURSE TO BLAME URSELF.
    Telling u with my own thoughts and feelings maybe it's just being loved or not The love. May be u r cursed at being loved but u r not cursed to ur own happiness.
    Once u get get this all inside ur head. You will realize what I mean to say.
    "Maybe I'm not best at being loved,
    But I'm amazing at loving"

    -Shubham Mehta