• tanuhn 5w

    Golden beauty

    The story of the fallen dry leaf began young and beautiful
    It was fresh and crisp
    Living the life so high and bright
    Breezing in the winds on the tree so upright
    It was the best time, budding and young
    The time is to breathe the freshest in the lung
    You work hard to Flourish
    You can't imagine to perish
    But the time has to take its course
    The change of color n texture with no remorse
    It had to decide to hold on to or let go
    The beauty was to fall on the ground
    And let the other newness grow
    There is pain, there is beauty
    There is gain, there is duty
    It realised that each one has the space and time
    What's today someone's was sometimes back mine
    It's still best to go with the grace
    Fallen dry leaf also has a beautiful golden face