• _saikata_ 5w

    Magic potion

    "No! Don't drink that!"screamed the woman. But we both were too tired and thirsty to resist. She stared at the empty bottle and ran out. We looked at each other and realised that something was not correct but ignored that and started laughing at the woman's hilarious 'terrible reaction'. The drink was sweet as sin and rejuvenating too. But how can we forget that 'Something was NOT correct'. Suddenly we found our heads spinning, limbs becoming motionless and consciousness going to sleep. Sometime later we found ourselves in somewhere unknown that looked as if we in some sort of jungle of a fairytale. There was a huge wooden cabin a few yards away. We went there, entered the cabin and found a table full of delicacies. There was a roasted chicken in the centre of the table which suddenly hopped from the table and came running to us. Then we saw the cookies having eyes and even a mouth saying "Welcome!We are so happy to see you".
    They did seem to be very happy to see us as they were unknown of the fact that we were hungry. The other delicacies also wished us a hearty welcome. I was confused seeing this, controlling my hunger seeing this but then my friend couldn't and was about to take a bite of those donuts when my eyes opened and I found us sleeping on the couch where we drank the potion. We exchanged awkward glances full of unsolved mysteries and puzzles and some portion of laughter too. Then we looked towards the empty bottle of potion, trying to connect reality with fantasy, an impossible task.

    It's the first time I m writing a story and I did try my best. I hope you would have a good feeling about it.