• shayaan23 5w

    I deem , the dreary wait is over now
    I can fondle you in the swathe of my arms
    I can feel the velvet guise ,you are arrayed in
    I can suspire the air you expire
    I can see your face closely like never before
    Wait , what is this , are you evanescing
    Nay ! its me , i m blurring out
    Why can't i breathe ? , i am striving to
    Damn ! you my heart , why are you lapsing?
    Shoot ! You too my eyes , who battened you down ?
    Geez ! My legs , why don't you squiggle ?
    Darn ! My body , you are shivering and sweating concurrently
    Is this my doom, is this the death taking me over
    Or is this yet another sequel of your dearth ??