• _nomad_2420 4w


    When I met you for the first time,

    I wasn't actually sure about our rhyme

    You always tried to make me comfortable,

    It felt like family so adorable

    You always stand for those solutions,

    Of which problems never made any motion

    Your experiences always boosts me,

    That I always get a way to see

    You always teach those lessons, 

    That makes every door to open

    Your that jolly behaviour,

    Uff! Always makes me fall for you dear

    You've got that odour,

    Which always brings me closer

    Your voice has that energy,

    That charges my battery

    Your that messy look,

    Can always make me shook

    Your lips are those distraction,

    For which I've always craven

    You are that person to me, 

    I never wanna lose at any cost of time

    Your that tears,

    My sight can't bear

    Your that cute smile,

    Always makes my heart so fragile

    I wanna be the one, 

    Who'll always together run