• sammiey119_sarah_p 23w


    Let me set this straight:
    I'm okay.
    You're okay.
    She's okay.
    He's okay.
    They're okay.
    It's okay.
    Are you sure?
    Because so far
    I've seen that
    None of this is okay.
    Since when was it ever okay?
    Since when was stealing okay?
    Since when was lying okay?
    Since when was cheating okay?
    Since when was leaving okay?
    Since when?
    I thought it was okay before
    But now that I look back,
    It really wasn't.
    Look where it got us.
    I don't have you,
    And you don't have me.
    We're both guilty of these emotional crimes.
    I've learned from my mistakes,
    Can you?