• tega_benny 9w

    #cees_wow_chall @mirakee @writersnetwork

    We are children of the galaxy
    A constellation of cosmic stars
    Navigating a terrestrial nebula
    Betwixt gravity and trauma

    Orbiting souls in a solar system
    Ordered from light year sign of zodiac premonition
    To luminate life and emotions
    Of solar flare and tribulations

    Travelling shooting stars
    Momentarily passing a sphere
    Exploring ultraviolet and aurora hues
    Interstellar hearts and astern faces

    Fading days and meteor nights
    Our memories split to stardust
    Sunk into the black hole of blankness
    We become supernova debris of shallowness

    A space we leave behind
    Supernal and reborn
    In that celestial dimension
    Of eternal gleam

    Image Credit: to rightful owner.

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