• estella770 23w

    Flickers of Returning

    Candlelight climbs huge, stone pillars.

    Fire’s reflection swims in,

    The gloss of metal links

    Composing heavy chains

    That I, myself,

    Painstakingly formed

    Now wrapped around my limbs.

    But the forming of such


    Are puny in my deeds

    Compared to my erecting

    This very hall

    Of which I am

    Master over

    For I created it.

    Stone and marble

    A frozen heart

    Belied by eyes, glazed over

    Comprehension twisted,

    As I built this monstrosity

    Kindled faint lights

    Threw them sporadically

    Without a thought that I may need them

    To ever escape

    My own cage

    As I see it now

    Which tightened its grip

    Through my own links of rage

    And usurped me from my position,

    The master turned slave

    To my own creations

    In this lonely prison

    All spirit locked away

    And I destroyed the key.

    But I did keep the fire

    Candlelight still glowing,

    There is a way back.

    Because fire can melt metal,

    And fire can melt ice,

    And tiny prancing flames,

    Can perhaps melt this frozen heart as well.