• dipanjan_b 7w

    Have we ever thought, have we ever felt?
    Why do a sister fast, and tie us the tiny belt.
    Hahaha, a thread at least we call,
    A sacred thread for all.
    Do you know the price, how much does it cost?
    Mmm, ten or twenty bucks, well a hundred you may say,
    But the real price of it, will not be felt in a day.
    The trust, the faith, the hope behind her breath,
    Her innocent eyes will never crave for wealth.
    You know what she wants, what desire she feels?
    Gifts? Money? O wait, may be those wealthy wheels.
    No my dear friend, this is never true.
    A sister wants your time, simply beneath the blue.
    She wants you to protect her soul,
    To preserve her dignified goal.
    To help her kiss the sky,
    To let her wings to fly,
    Fly in fearless flaps,
    Amid the crowded claps.
    I know you too feel proud,
    If she wins the crowd.
    Because she is your sis,
    Your own blood, you wish
    To make her smile,
    To support her through the mile.
    But what if another lass,
    Through those fields of grass,
    Walks alone at night,
    When there is no light.
    You feel those lusty flows,
    The devil in you, it grows,
    You want to devour her flesh,
    Trapping her in thy mesh.
    But you have never thought,
    Your eyes have never caught
    She too has a heart,
    You break her into parts,
    Ignorant of her pain,
    You drag her in that rain.
    She cries with all her voice,
    Do you know, it was never her choice.
    She too had a dream,
    And you had choked her scream.
    She too had tied a thread,
    Her hungry mother waits for bread.
    She is sick, she starvs each day,
    But you have made her prey.
    Behind that fuming rock,
    And now she cannot walk.
    What if your sister face,
    A similar act of grace.
    Will you live in peace,
    Will you cherish bliss.
    Think for a little while,
    She too had a smile.
    She too have a bro,
    No more can he grow.
    He is sick and cannot speak,
    He is too fragile and weak.
    But you are strong and stout,
    You have a voice to shout.
    But this is what you do?
    You prove you are true.
    True to whom my friend?
    This is sin, this must end.
    Look there, look out straight,
    Here you choose your fate.
    Respect each one there,
    They too have their share.
    Let them breathe in peace,
    Let them live in bliss.
    Let them live in bliss.

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    Let Them Live in Bliss