• cheeks 10w


    The skies are getting darker as the rain started pouring. I love the rain----it just feels so nostalgic. As I hear the droplets of the rain I can also hear the noise infront of me.

    "Lily fudging cake its raining cats and dogs already", Katie one of my classmates said. Way to state the obvious Katie and some nice touches to prevent cussing that's what my little brain said as I stare at the window blankly.

    "So good afternoon class" Everyone started running to their places fixing theirselves up. This is our last subject for today and I guess Mrs. Williams will only give us things to do before our exams. I want to finish school before but I'm now lacking interest in finishing things but still I have to do this all so they won't get worried. When I say they----I really meant to say is those who cared for me. I don't want them getting worried and all.

    As our teacher talks about things we need to do and things we need to study before the dreadful finals start my mind was wandering elsewhere and my eyes was fixed outside the window.

    "Ms. Collins! Ms. Collins please kindly pay attention" Mrs. Williams said as they all stared ay me. My only reply was a sly smile and a bow of my head.

    As time goes by I only hear raindrops, Mrs. Williams constant talkings and my classmates blabbering.

    RIIIIIIIING! There goes our last bell for today as I was busy fixing my stuffs I heard Mrs. Williams calling me. “Ms. Collins please stay behind”. I'm really not much of a talker now but before you would be in shock if I would keep quite for even a minute.

    As I slowly descend my place going to Mrs. Williams I noticed that all of my classmates are gone. “Ms. Collins how are you?”, she asked with a smile. “I'm perfectly fine.” I am not and I think I will never be. “Ms. Collins you should constantly attend your classes.” “ Yes, ma'am I'm sorry for all the troubles I caused.” “ Honey, you can tell me everything right?” “Yes ma'am and thank you. I should be going though I think theres a storm outside” “ Oh sure stay safe honey and please attend your classes.”. I only replied with a smile not a smile I put most of the time its much bigger than that. As I was dashing outside head bowed I suddenly bump into someone.
    Great it's Katie and her so called friends. “ Watch where you going you suicidal nerd” Samantha said with fuming eyes. “ Oh look its your ex bestfriend Katie haha!” she added. “ She was not my bestfriend and she will never be. Such a dork. Go away spread your idiocy elsewhere!” Katie replied and as what I can see into her eyes she's disgusted to see me. I ran thats what I always do instead of running home I ended up in one of the cubicles in our washroom. As I sat down tears ran down freely. It hurts badly even though it should be easy for me now cause they do that all the time. Humiliating me saying very bad things to me it could never be easy. Thirty minutes? One hour? I don't even know how long I've been inside the cubicle. Going outside with puffy eyes was not really new to me and they wont even notice cause I'm always looking down.

    Its still raining heavy outside. As I walk outside the ran started drenching me and thats okay since I love the rain. I can have an allergic reaction towards the rain and cold temperature. I'm happy to be drenched in the rain it's not all the time you can get drenched. You need to grab every opportunity you have.

    As I was walking alone in the alley on the way to our house I can't stop thinking what I was before and what I am now ----so different. I was a very happy go lucky kid the one that never keeps the mouth shut. The happy kid who goes to be friends with everyone she sees givibg smiles and help everywhere. But now I barely talk and be friends with tge people around me it's like I caged myself inside a imaginary cage that I could even open but I didn't tried to. Being afraid is what I felt most of the time. When I lost my courage I lost myself.

    When I reached our house my heart only felt heavier. As I got inside dagger eyes are only what I can see. " stupid child you should not have gone home." thats my grandma