• meanboy 4w

    First poem

    Finally the day has come when u are going to be in adulthood ' 20 '
    The person who loves me more than herself
    The person who knows how to handle me, how to make me happy , how to keep me calm
    It's u my jaan my bndriya my bubu my bugha my every thing all in one
    I dont even forgot a single minute of the day we met at elante mall
    Speciallly when i saw u my heart beat skips for a second when i saw u those beautiful eyes & charming smile i just lost in that moment
    Then we go to ccd where we got each other finally the moment when u kiss me on my cheeks suddlenly we both were shocked wht happens
    Then we roam here & there & the way u hold my elbow its like i have adopt a small baby
    & we thought we will met every month but corona exists
    We both miss each other daily but we have to wait till our colleges will open
    Those beautifuls video calls in those days our stylish & yanky looks specilly of mine will be missed aftr some time
    The way u supports me is such b bliss to me the way u handle my mood swings my anger all the things is such a blishh that i got u
    The person who truly knws how i love to behave & never try to stop me for behaving like tht
    I love u so much that i dont knw how to write for u

    I LOVE U