• i_ilham_ 6w

    These days i m thinking to myself
    Am i the same i used to be
    Each day when i look into the mirror
    It seems i m not the same anymore
    What has happened to me
    Oh! Cruel world!
    What you did this to me
    I can't even recognize myself.
    They say do you miss the old you
    Yes, i do.
    The one who used to care
    Not the one who was fooled by everyone.
    One day they will miss you
    But u won't be the same anymore
    People didn't knew my worth
    For those who didn't knew
    One day
    To the one i used to look at and feel love
    I won't feel anything, anymore
    And that day, they would regret
    While looking for someone perfect
    They lost some imperfect person who could make them perfectly happy...


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    Not The Same Anymore.