• tonmoysharma129 9w

    Walking through the dark forest

    Entitled with the thoughts of being sad drown gasping for breath walked through the jungle to make up my mind.
    Saw a dark shawdow following me made me fear cz its the scavenger of the dark..
    The society where we live is nontheless a jungle with dark scavengers of using girls and others for their own profit. Using them as an item and throwing them like a mineral water bottle. Have anyone of us stopped commenting on girls clothses ?? What were they wearing. The clothses they wear is their own choice no one can change its nature.If their parents are comfortable why do we gossip about it..
    The society cant see a boy or a girl talking cz they need a topic to gossip.
    Even brothers and sisters were also seen as an anamoly they were also framed of having an unwanted relationship...
    Stop all this, cz its the 21st century and get rid of all these dark scavengers... So that no girls should be the victim of it