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    You can skip this , it's my dairy I never write.


    I don't remember how it feels to be wrapped in the Softest cloth my parents could wrapped me in and my body is embraced, swinging in their arms, their faces are smiling at me and even if I didn't spoke back they knew what I needed, because all their questions to me would be the answers.
    But somehow I can think of it when I see a mother playing with her child, and children would play forever with strangers but in the end they ask for their mother's face,I don't think it's very different now too. Perhaps, someday I'll look into this deeper, when I'll be trying to fit in the picture of a perfect mother.

    The kitchen is silent, and the constant chatter of an unorganized play of kids can be heard. The sky never makes them sad until it rains, and today the sky's trying to match my sweater.
    A heart is good and all have heart but some go heartless with all the reasons that made it so, but isn't it in our control with our heart, and make it win?

    I go heartless many a times, and it hurts badly,
    I wish I didn't fought back, I didn't say things I shouldn't, and I remembered the right things in the right time or my mother could decipher the gaps between my words that were truer than the words I put in front. I wish I was a kid and this phase that says "for a mother her child will always remain a child" was more true.

    You have mistaken me lily, it's not that my mother and I have come short of love.
    Today I am talking more of my heart, that fails me to think good of people, to forgive, to not give up.
    The heart is the hardest thing to keep among all the things which is mine.
    I don't want to be heartless.
    A child is never heartless.
    I want to be a child again.
    I'm sorry you have to keep my words that you may have not understand probably , but I promise to tell you about winter sun, next time.

    Yours Lovingly
    Joe .

    Ps: sorry for all shorts of roller coaster that didn't end to it's stop.

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    Lily, I promise to tell you about winter sun,
    next time, because for now
    I'm trying to not go heartless,
    I'm trying to be good.