• rayrac 6w

    Should I say life is unfair?
    Or is this still part of life?
    But then, life should at least give hints
    Like, 'use this time well, soon you'll separate'
    Or, 'this is the only free time I'm giving you'.

    That's just me and my mind,
    Yeah, I know. It's one of a kind
    Hard to find, hard to hide

    Thinking life should always have the positives
    Ever perfect and favour my motives
    My dreams drained away through sieves

    I try looking at the bright side of it
    But can't help and think of the what ifs
    It would have been much better with treats

    Spending more time together
    Getting to know each other earlier
    Making use of all opportunities that did appear

    Life, I don't know what to say about life
    So much just to survive
    So much more to have fun as you live!
    (Tracy) ©rayrac

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    For you friend,

    It took us long to meet
    When we met, life had more in store
    Destiny, fate, all of it.

    After some time, we became friends
    Little more time, easy-to-converse friends
    Just a little more, close friends..

    It still took the same little more time
    Pure white as lime
    Our friendship will become an indented line..

    I don't want that
    Far, near, close, we can do it
    Still keep it alive and kicking..

    I hope we'll never forget each other
    Days after days, keep contact
    I'll miss you so much
    I believe distance won't kill what we have..

    Take care while away
    Always be safe
    All the best in this damned life..
    (Tracy) ©rayrac