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    (Ok so since last week there are a few things on the internet that have been bothering me alot
    So I finally thought of discussing it with you guys
    This may be offensive to some people but its the truth so..)

    We Indians get so excited and happy when we get to know yes we achieving success...we are becoming no. 1. Yes! We are! And this time we'll be count as no. 1 country for RAPE
    We guys are busy in finding the f***ing logic...she was a muslim...she was hindu.. dude where the hell are you gonna end up WHERE?
    The people who do rape are not only the one to be blamed, we are the one to be blamed because we have shut our eyes and started finding logic in things...you should not wear short dresses...dont go out late night..you should make youself safe...why do you provoke men..is it?
    If a 6 months old girl gets raped she must have provoked them...this 8 years old girl Asifa must have provoked them right?
    Where the hell is our thinking going?
    Its not only about the little girl Asifa...days back what happened in Pakistan...today again in surat ... guys all these things are happening daily its just... it don't reach us

    We live in a country where a girl suffer acid attack/rape because she reject the proposal...they think we mens are superior how can she even say no. Just think about their families...what the must be going through?

    You know we womens don't provoke mens to do this our govt. does!...beacuse the only punishment for rape is imprisonment for 7 years..ok now its changed to 20...thats it!
    So what will happen if I rape her and fulfill my hungry all I need is some money and a few contacts with the ministers any woh I'm safe
    Not only the govt we too are the reason these things are happening..beacuse we have decided to shut our eyes and mouth.
    Shame on us!

    They say the youth is gonna bring the change...what change huh? How does it even comes in the mind of a 17 years old guy that he can rape a girl if she rejects her..where is this comming from? India a country with ethics and norms.. a country where we respect our elders...those uncles, teachers, brothers they do it for their ego...to satisfy thier hunger!

    I really dont understand whats wrong with Indian no offence guys but really is race greater than humanity
    Have we lost all our shame?
    Its not only about rape there are so many issues going on around but NO reservations, race, caste, colour, comes first. F**k humanity! Really?

    Again today we are hearing news from surat "11 years old got raped" ...like how? How can a person even think to do this... have we just lost humanity? Ok forget about humanity do we just forget that the person who gave us is also a women

    Guys change is necessary...burning candles wont bring a change...but actions will.
    After all action speaks louder then voice
    We need to act now! Its not the time to think anymore but act
    And then see who would even dare to do this

    I know this isn't even worth writing beacuse again we are going to forget all this within a few days and when this will happen again the internet will be fluged with things asking for justice

    #endofhumanity #justice
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