• finnisam 9w

    The Valley of Achor

    The mighty Joshua, son of Nun, stood before the transgressor, (Joshua 1:1)
    Presiding over the judgement to come on the one deemed lesser.
    With great wrath Joshua thus spoke: “What have you done?
    The gold for the LORD and the robe of Babylon are gone. (Joshua 7:21)
    You dare to steal from the mighty one? He who delivered us? (Exodus 20:2)
    Do not hide what you have done or your punishment shall be worse.” (Joshua 7:19)
    Achan, head bent in reverence, made haste to reply:
    “I confess to the crime of coveting, though you cannot say I lied, (Joshua 7:20)
    For did not our father Abram covet the handmaid of Sarai? (Genesis 16:2)
    I know I have transgressed the commandments of my God (1 Samuel 1:24)
    But take not my life, remove me not from this holy sod,
    The punishment of guilt is far more than I can bear. (Genesis 4:13)
    O how much more is death! I beseech you to be fair!” (Matthew 10:28)
    The crowd that had gathered was moved to many tears, (Matthew 9:36)
    Joshua stood resolute, unshaken by his weeping peers: (Jeremiah 31:15)
    “We ourselves have heard from his own monstrous mouth, (Luke 23:71)
    I speak for Him above and He alone speaks the truth, (Numbers 23:19)
    His anger is kindled against us for this man’s trespass, (Joshua 7:1)
    The transgressor and his kin die on this day.” And so it came to pass (Joshua 4:1)
    That they dragged him to the valley to be stoned and slain
    As he screamed: “Please spare my children! They don’t deserve this pain!” (Joshua 7:24)
    The Children of Israel picked up stones, the weapon of Cain. (Genesis 5:8)
    Joshua, son of Nun, stood firm with a heart of selfsame stone,
    Watching as they fell and the rocks covered their bones. (Joshua 7:26)
    He further deemed it righteous to burn their bodies with flame, (Deuteronomy 32:23-24)
    To wipe out the remnants of Achan, yet the valley remembers his name. (Joshua 7:26)
    When it was done, Joshua said: “Truly, God is good.” (Psalm 73:1)
    His eyes saw not the charred corpse of Achan nor the bodies of his blood.