• toskawander_dust 9w

    _Cause and Effect_

    You can be happy now because you’ve never ignored your sadness
    You can be calm because you’ve never neglected your anxiety
    You can be brave now because you’ve accepted the orientation of your fears
    You can see joy because you’ve never hidden from your sorrow
    You can be Life now because every now and then you’ve thought about the End
    You can be everything because you’ve never been ashamed to feel like a zero
    You can heal now because you’ve never refrained from your pain
    You can please others with your presence because you’ve never denied your loneliness

    You can live to the fullest now because every day a tiny space within yourself stop to breath
    Go all the way
    Be the roar of your Being the loudest
    Go all the way
    Be the smile upon your face ever-bright
    Shape yourself into something unique then reshape it into a brand new avant-garde

    Don’t be afraid to wander the unconventional side
    You don’t want to float over a living you feel not belonging to
    Drown in your passions, drown in what makes you feel Alive

    You can go all the way now because you’ve accepted to be stuck at times
    Go all the way and the day the epilogue comes you’ll say to yourself ...

    “I must confess that I’ve lived”.