• sahanabm 6w


    You were calm and tempting
    like the surface of the pond waiting to be rippled.
    I could see your shimmer that lit my way,
    like light before the thunder,
    a spectacle that it is.

    I flipped and flopped and walked and hopped,
    I wanted to close the gap and dance.
    So, I got high at your words and gestures,
    and actions and choices,
    whispering that maybe it's not as bad.

    Now that the thunder has finally awakened me,
    I realize that nothing shocks me anymore.
    — So, it's a thunder. Aren't we all going to die some day?
    I'll cease to exist this very minute of this very day, on your mere word.
    But darling, I do have a final wish.

    That I ripple your pond,
    That I roar at your thunder itself.

    So, maybe when I reach the 'There',
    I would have reached as a woman who lived as a Doer.