• michealachonye 9w

    Love, erotica, sex

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    Love on a mountain top

    The dark sky welcomes the light of the stars

    Making us dance to the beat of its rays

    The planets align in our favor

    And its so hard to look away from your lovely face

    I take another sip of the vodka

    As some dribble down my chin

    I watch you look at me in splendour

    But I know just where to begin

    I hold you close as you gasp for air

    You whisper to me with deep nothingness

    I kiss your lips with hungry emotions

    Oh how I wish I could take your devotion

    You kiss me harder with loving rage

    And push me against the base of my car

    The smile you gave made my heart skip a beat

    We were gonna make love on the mountain top