• tathagatthakur22 22w

    Just defeated the corner side

    When ever you feel cornered, don't lose hope.
    The moment you lose faith , it'll be toilsome to cope.
    Though you're alone there, toiling against the forces .
    Remember that the aeroplane takes off against the wind and not with the wind.
    Corner side is not at all a bad locus.
    More importantly, the way of reform is the central focus.
    Moreover you may find a change around the corner.
    Decide if you want to rise or live bogus.
    If the journey to success is not straight,
    Then surely it'll be somewhere around the corner.
    Don't worry if you're cornered,
    Coz there's hope around every corner which awaits.
    Corner is the tone reality which is concealed in this bogus world.
    The moment you step in the corner world,
    You'll be facing your ceremonious reality.
    Either you'll be refurbished or you'll lose your mentality.
    So don't curse the corner side if you're habitual to the sheep world.