• riddhima_jais 6w

    Losting your soulmate or boyfriend is may be okay... U can move on.. Butt losting your best friend is just living your life without any emotions and any feelings... Bestfrnds are the one who brings out the good in you but always know you bad parts also... They have seen u being so mad sometimes and sometimes serious also... Knows all your secrets and u don't even need to tell him ki ye kisi ko btana Matt... We used to live a lovable happy life ... But then he came in a relationship and his priorities changes... His phone calls became rare and late messages became comman.. It really hurts actually more than breakup... I mean when u were his first priority and suddenly he disappears ... And u can just sit back and remember all the laughs, Cry's , fights , done in past... But I know I m not alone... He will come back after being over with that fucking relationship at least I know and believe ki he will come back to me only ... But he might be late... So I request everyone not to do this to your bestfrnd and if u have done this there is still time... Comment ur experience I will be reading a the comments and will surely reply��

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    The moody writer

    We could have lost our ego's , buttttt we lost each other instead