• musingmaniacc 6w

    Amidst the chaos

    I just don't understand why people go loco over celebrities, athletes famous persons etc despite of the fact that what they do is simply THEIR JOB like any other member of the society, from a guy picking up trash from the streets (although he does play a role in making our lives easier "while" doing his job) a petrol pump worker. they do that to earn money for themselves. General people get absolutely no benefit from it (apart from mere entertainment which isn't an essential part of survival). And then in this situation, there are health professionals, security workers and many more professions that are literally carrying the whole society on their backs. Though they also are doing "their jobs", they are actually playing a role in physical well-being of many people. Now i am not saying that famous people don't deserve the respect they get, but i dearly hope even once in my life i see people taking selfies/autographs from the above mentioned professionals and admiring the "MEDIOCRE" professions that are actually the pillars of our society.