• varunima 6w

    I am just 23 years old, still fed up with the hardships, fakeness which life offers. I miss the day when I was a school kid where waking up at 5 was mandatory, because a minute late could leave our bus at 6. That mom's love in the form of tiffin held the most crucial part those days. The days where only struggle was to finish homework and prepare for tests. The gossiping in the middle of the class, borrowing pen, pencil, those pen fights in the classroom, fake signatures on being absent, not bringing books, were our joy. The never ending talks because the cellphones weren't used to be ours.I still remember the struggle my friends to take to make me meet my crush. I know how silly I was praying god each single morning "Bhagwan aaj ke din, usaki shakal dikha dena" to literally getting happy on seeing him and wondering as if sab kuch mil gaya ho, jo insaan aaj literally dumb lagta hai.I was such an innocent, chirpy kind of a girl who had the habit of outcasing myself into every little thing be it a painting, artworks, dance, music, sports, debates, what so ever, to now becoming an adult who has no longer interest in those. Getting out from school being the most difficult part of our life because here we understand we can't be the person that we are. The world is not for persons with innocent hearts, We start becoming a person very different from what we used to. On face, we becomes a different person, so tough, cruel, selfish because outside world exploited you in many ways for your goodness, but the inside you suffers and cries each day because the person you are trying to become is killing the person what you actual were. And then, the soul cries for the change that happened.(But it was needed to survive the world you had no other option)