• jamaree_writes_poems 27w

    Empire State Of Mind

    "That pressure is so big as it lays on my Shoulders,
    With the weight being equivalent to the same size as gigantic Boulders,
    Always been an isolated soul that's used to never getting the Attention,
    I would always turn to writing once I feel myself starting to gain Tension,
    Because I'm not the one to get so mad to the point that I want to Fight,
    I see the bigger picture when it comes to viewing success as I've been blessed with great Sight,
    My focus is set on trying to better myself and the environment that I'm surrounded In,
    Motivated by one and only thing and that is to Win,
    The frustration is to be expected when I don't see the stars being Aligned,
    Ups and downs are going to happen when I have that empire state of Mind ..."