• phoenix74 23w

    The greatest Love affair

    Why did you walk away for material things? In my dreams it seems....The greatest Love affair. Do you dare Love me? Hold me tight in your soul. I want to feel the depths of completion. Memories got my emotions risings. Asking myself how many centuries will you keep running. My Twin soul. I love you. I want you to know. In my dreams I make spiritual love to you. Hoping physically I can touch you. We have a divine job to. Don't be a fool. It's what we where sent to do. Spread Love and Peace amongst the nation's. I am just waiting. For you and me to balance fate. This is not a date. For our Love was already written in the sands of time. Divine love like to doves soaring so high. Divine Destiny brings the best in me. When will you join this divine union? I need you come back home because....... In my dreams I have found the greatest love affair.