• mansiwrites 10w

    Dil bechara starring Kizie and Manny gives me hope and makes me feel better, it sets off a chain reaction of mixed feelings within me, one after the other. From Manny's "Tumhara naam kiss ne rakha kissie" to Kizie's "Its kizie, zzz". They make me want to jump through the screen and stop that moment right there, so i can hold his hands, touch his cheeks, tell him how I addressed him 'pithoo' coz I admired that character the most. Kizie.. you by far are the most luckiest woman I've ever known, you've got a fighter there. I mean he's just as ubiquitous as your oxygen tank, walking with you everywhere no demands no complaints, just love and sacrifices, giving you supplemental oxygen and a rapid heartbeat. What I still wonder about is how did your cannula even helped you breathe despite of having him around? Pardon me for being illogical but he gives me breathing issues. He makes me go weak in the knees and I smile the widest whenever I see him. Also Manny, I heard that you had osteosarcoma brush you a few years ago.. once a fighter always a fighter huh.... So tell me was it necessary to scream 'Ive never had sex' during your support group session? Was it necessary to make me fall for you? Was it necessary to hurt me? Was it necessary to leave?. I wish I was fortunate enough to hold you in my arms, to sing with you, to tell you how I write about you secretly. Par filhal toh taare ginti hu, binn soye saare ginti hu, issi umeed main ki ishq sang tumr bhi chupke se kaano main kuch kahoge. Apne hone ka ehsaas dilaoge, shayad wapas bhi aaoge. Wapas aaoge na? Dher saari baatein karenge, Seri?.