• theinsaneink 45w

    Nobody ever told me,
    That If he could not be mine,
    He could still be my song.
    As they say,
    Songs are people.
    Just like you love song,
    By sharing bed, pillows, tears and joys.
    We all love people the same way.
    But once I tried to do to a song,
    What he did to me.
    I left a song midway,
    Never returned back.
    It hurted real bad.
    But Song, unlike him,
    Kept writing letters to me,
    In form of mental notes,
    Which I could not stop but hum.
    And then I realised,
    Song could be every damn thing,
    But not people.
    Because songs,
    Don’t leave.
    People do.
    I so wish,
    He could be my song.
    Like I am his.